By Xion Abiodun I have been alive for 16 years now, and I consider that a pretty long time. But I was not alive long enough to know that Black people do not receive any kind of justice in this country. It has been months since the horrific murder of Breonna Taylor and a $12 million dollar settlement has been given to her family but no one has been indicted for her murder. Putting her murderers in jail will not bring her back, but it will make sure that these criminals never get another chance to take another innocent life. I am really disappointed because I believed that she was going to get justice. She was on magazine covers. Specials on tv were made about her and a plethora of other media used her face and story for their profit. There were many marches, protests, and riots demanding justice for her. I finally thought that this situation would force the courts to imprison the cops who killed her because it was so known; and because so many people were enraged by it. It makes me angry that the protestors who were protesting in her name will serve more time than the police who murdered her in cold blood. The worst about all of this to me, is that no matter how much her story is publicized she will still be just another statistic to the  police and all the future police to come. While the cops are living their life traveling on social media, a Black family has to bury their INNOCENT daughter because of the court’s mistake. It saddens me even more that the District Attorney Daniel Cameron is a Black man, and decided no to charge these white men for the murder of this Black women. This is not the first time this happened in my lifetime, but it is the first time I have been able to follow, and understand what’s fully going on in this case. For a long time, I really did think justice would be served and I was living in a fantasy land where I did not expect to be so disappointed by the “justice system”. This case reminded me that I could be killed by the police any day and nothing would happen to my murderer. It reminded me that any of my Black family members or peers can be murdered any day and nothing would happen. I always think of the Civil Rights Movement as a long time ago, and I thought that Black people would be treated with a little more respect. But sadly we’re not. Segregation has ended, but if the roles were reversed and Breonna Taylor had murdered three white men, she would be in prison for life right now, if she even made it to prison without a police officer killing her first. Her murder proves to us that Black people have not progressed in this country since the 4 little girls, Emmett Till, Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin, and the countless other Black people who have been murdered and received no justice. Even though America has shown us over and over again that they do not care about us, we must continue to fight. We can not give up hope, or else we will never receive justice. Even though I am very disappointed about the outcome of Breonna Taylor’s case I still have hope that one day Black people will receive justice for all the things we have been through.