Manny Golden

Manny Golden is THE HIP HOP CHIHUAHUA from the south. His goal is to teach people of all ages how to invest their time & money into Financial Literacy Education. He is very well traveled and now he is taking all that he has learned and wants to give back to the community starting with the children. He totally believes that children are the future and if we don’t teach them and train them on how money and finances work that we will have so many problems in our future dealing with economics.

He also wants  children to know that anything they put their mind to can and will happen. He teaches them that their ideas are very important. As a matter of fact he tells them that their ideas are golden. He believes that when you encourage a child, it will go a long way.

He is an original member of THE BABY ISAAC CREW, although he has not yet gotten a chance to perform with them on stage, he has been getting his skills together so that when the day comes he will be ready to shine.

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