Blue Flame Mega

” Blue Flame Mega” Born Richard F. Elder Jr. in Compton Ca to Richard Elder Sr and Gina Thompson, Blue was the first born of four children.

He became intrested in music at a very young age when his father would play music, this became his love or passion.In 1993 Flame moved to long beach, He then became a member of the rap group called C.H.A.P,where he went by the name of MonsterBlow, after a good run with the group he decided to move to Palmdale to help his family members Careers in Music… Thus “Blue Flame” which is flames attempt to reinvent his Brand and Market his Product to Targeted Consumers…his Influences are: Snoop-Dogg, Tupac, Ice-Cube,Jay-Z,Lil Wayne,J-Cole And Rick-Ross

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