Mocha Blue Blaze

Mocha Blue Blaze now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada but she was born in  Louisiana. She grew up submerged in the arts. After listening to “TheWatts Prophets,” a poetry group from Los Angeles, California, at the age of four this little girl knew she wanted to be a singer and a poet.

In Elementary school, she began writing songs and poetry. In first grade, she began gifted art classes where she studied many mediums and visual arts. She would also produce shows for her family to celebrate numerous holidays. During her teenage years, she sang in various church choirs and was a member of a local group called “The Time Zone Band.” When she graduated high school she had already written over one hundred songs and poems. Ms. Blaze attended college at the University of Southwestern Louisiana where she majored in Vocal Music Education and Performance.

In the year 2000, she began her professional career as an artist, show producer, and promoter.

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